Luxury Satin Prayer Robe SHRUB PINK


Make your prayer a special moment during your day with our modern luxury prayer robe made of comfortable, cooling satin silk.

Your prayer is your appointment with Allah s.w.t. and in the future you will only appear in your best robe, because "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty."

The delivery takes place with suitable bag, therefore also very well for on the way.

Unique in Europe and ONLY available from us!

ATTENTION: Delivery time 4 weeks

Headdress Length: 115cm

Skirt Length: 115cm

Skirt Width: 70cm

Waist Width: Maximum 140cm

Face Circumference: 46cm

Material: Satin Silk

Bag Size: 23 x 20 cm

(Prayer rug not included in the set)

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